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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ten of Spades

Let's have fun with a Top 10 list this week. You see them all the time for a variety of topics and categories. The Ten of Spades will serve as a bottle that contains several of the top vitamins and supplements that are recommended to strengthen our bodies. We will use the familiar labels for the vitamins and supplements, but will assign different meanings for our purpose. As always, our purpose is to motivate and inspire you to reach new levels of success. This list is not in any particular order.

1. Vitamin A = Attitude
You own your attitude. Each day it impacts how others view you and how you judge situations. Attitudes are contagious. Good ones are passed on to make people feel better and bad ones are spread to aggravate those who come in contact with them. Everyone has negative attitudes sometimes. Try to recognize when your attitude needs an adjustment. Be patient when you encounter others who are having a bad day. Let your good attitude be a vaccine for someone else's bad one.

2. Vitamin B = Benevolence
    Be generous, kind, and sensitive to the feelings of others. You may be familiar with the golden rule that instructs you to treat others as you would like to be treated. This is good advice because it reminds you that relationships require give and take.
3. Vitamin C = Confidence
    Confidence enhances the effect of the other vitamins and supplements. You need it daily in the right quantity. Too little does not help you and too much can make it difficult to work effectively with others.
4. Vitamin D = Discipline
    Discipline is the key that removes many of the obstacles that we encounter on the way to our goals. Whether you want to lose weight or finish school, it requires discipline. If you want to accomplish anything that will improve the quality of your life or position you for success, you will require focus, dedication, and patience. In other words, you need a healthy dose of discipline.
5. Vitamin E = Enthusiasm
    Identify your enthusiasm triggers and activate them regularly. As you identify and work toward your dreams, do so in a way that makes others want to pull for you. You should be the head cheerleader for Team You. When you are excited about what are doing, it shows.
6. Vitamin K = Knowledge
    How do you acquire knowledge? Do you take classes, read books, or learn from experience? A combination of formal study, self improvement, and life lessons is the best formula for a well rounded education. A continuous pursuit of knowledge leads to an unending discovery of wisdom and opportunities.
7. Iron = Environment
    What people, places, or things serve as a source of strength for you? Maintain contact with them because they are part of the environment that shapes you. It is important to recharge and replenish your energy, determination, and creativity.
8. Calcium = Calculation + Podium
    What calculations are necessary for you to achieve your goals? Do you need to add new tools and practices to your routine? It may be necessary to subtract some people from your advisory board. Multiply the tasks that yield results and divide your attention and time for maximum impact. The formula will need to be modified regularly as you make progress toward the podium that will elevate you and showcase your talent.
9. Potassium = Potential + Compass + Helium
    Sometimes we strive to live up to our potential, or capability. However, once we reach that target, what happens next? How do we continue to grow and develop beyond our expectations. We need a compass to point us toward new challenges and achievements. The compass may be our internal drive to succeed or external influences that motivate us to keep going. We should also take advantage of any helium (encouragement, opportunities, connections, etc.) that will help us expand and rise to the next level.
10. Magnesium = Magnificence + Esteem + Auditorium
What image do you project? Is it one of magnificence and honor? If you have a healthy self-esteem, others will recognize it and respond to it. Always be prepared to share your plans and accomplishments with others. Your auditorium may contain one person or one hundred people. Remember opportunity may knock when you least expect it.
Remember to take the recommended daily allowance of your core vitamins and supplements.

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