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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seven of Hearts

The sights, smells, and sounds of the summer season are here.  You can see kites flying high and painted toes in sandals.  The mouth watering aroma of food being grilled outdoors is in the air.  There is the daily hum of lawnmowers in action and the familiar music of the ice cream truck.  One of the most beautiful things seen during the summer is the rainbow.  The seven colors of a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  The Seven of Hearts this week will represent the colorful bands to help us examine the arcs that we project to others.

There are layers to each person and situation.  As they are peeled away, questions are answered and lessons are learned.  Using the rainbow as a guide, think about the different lines and how they apply to you.  After a downpour of obstacles or opportunities, look up and identify your colors.  You may be familiar with the expression "seeing red".  It usually means that someone is really angry.  Let's add layers to the phrase for our purpose this week.  The red band is the outside one in the rainbow and provides a cover for the remaining arcs.  So, when you see red, look through the anger to recognize that it is only the first level, or response.  Remember that there are other reaction options beneath it.  Downgrade the anger to annoyance and reclaim your peace of mind.

Orange is the second color, or layer.  Like a cantaloupe, you have to get past the outer rind, or shell, to reach the sweet, inner fruit.  Have you seen people in the supermarket knocking on the melons?  What are they listening or feeling for when they do this?  They are trying to determine if the fruit is ripe.  You cannot go around knocking on people's heads.  That would not be very productive.  What you can do instead is listen to what they say and watch what they do to determine if their output is hollow.  Assess the maturity of ideas, plans, and activities before offering your support or endorsement.  Likewise, make sure that when you are requesting assistance from others that you have a solid foundation upon which to build.  This leads into the next level, the yellow band.  Be prepared to do your canary impersonation.  Sing, or broadcast, what you want to share in a melodic tone so that it captures the attention of your audience and causes them to pause and listen.  You don't have to literally sing but be able to communicate your message and engage others to participate in and contribute to your vision.

When you see the green layer, consider the ingredients for a nice, healthy salad.  You usually start with some type of leafy green (iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach, etc.).    Other green contributions might include cucumbers, broccoli, and peppers.  You want them them to be fresh and crisp.  We won't worry about the other colored items for this example.  When you go to a salad bar, you can create a dish that is unique to your tastes.  Then you pour on the dressing to complete the dish.  This process can be applied to other things.  If you feel like you're in a rut, shake things up by changing your routine, surroundings, or habits.  It can be as small as changing the time you get up or changing where you shop.  Bigger changes might involve your education, career, transportation, living arrangements, or relationships.  These things are your salad ingredients.  The frequency of and commitment to the fresh, crisp changes serves as the dressing. 

The last 3 bands are shades of blue and purple.  That color combination is beautiful on the ground as well as in the air.  Pansies can be a striking addition to a landscape project or garden.  As you build relationships, try to plant seeds that will yield a diverse harvest of good will, patience, and  benevolence.  Don't keep your blooms in your yard.  Pick them and arrange them in bouquets so that you can share them with others who may need a mood booster.   

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