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Friday, September 17, 2010

Five of Hearts

Have you ever taken the time to notice the patterns, connections, and symbols that govern your regular routines?  Some of them are obvious - alarm clocks, routes to work, paying bills, exercising, and doing household chores.  What about the ones that may not be as apparent?  You may be subconsciously blocking the process for your growth and success.  Do you read something educational or motivational each week and take some type of action as a result?  Do you visit a new place each month to expose yourself to new environments?  Do you listen to feedback from all age groups: children, teenagers, young adults, middle aged people, and senior citizens?  Do you write something at least quarterly to record significant plans, milestones, and impact analyses.  The Five of Hearts this week will represent the five Olympic rings to show the relationship between your various ambitions and endeavors.

The five loops were originally designed to be symbolic of the various parts of the world that participate in the competition.  The colors come from the various flags of the countries that participate in the games.  You can borrow the logo as a framework for your integrated structure of tents and forts.  You need your intent, effort, content, fortitude, and tentacles to overlap in order for you to consistently perform at a high level.  They are required variables in the equation for optimal results.

Your intent houses the thoughts and plans for your next move.  When it intersects with your effort, there is activity that produces evidence, or content, of your vision.  There will be adjustments and detours along the way, so you will need fortitude to keep trying when things are not going your way.  Use your tentacles to embrace a variety of ideas and approaches to reach the finish line. 

 Athletes train for years to compete in Olympic events.  They stay in shape even during the off season.  Even if it seems like things are not happening for you right now, be prepared to get on your mark, get set, and go at a moment's notice.  You are always in medal contention.

Aim + Attempt + Analysis+ Ambition + Association = Appealing Avenues


  1. Well, this really speak to me & where I am right now. I just wrote myself a note to "GET BACK IN THE GAME"!!!! Thanks. DKay

  2. Each week I look forward to your blog because I know it will add value to me. So I'm sure most knew but I did not know what each color meant in the Olympic circle so with our endeavors and goals we set out to accomplish we need to have a little knowledge on a lot of subjects just to bridge the gap. Thank you for assisting in being that bridge. WMG...