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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Six of Hearts

   When are you reading this post? Is it early in the morning before you head to work or school? Are you looking for a midday boost during your lunch break? Maybe it is the end of day and you are unwinding from stress. Whenever you take time out of your busy schedule for this blog, I hope that you get something positive from it. I know that there are at least a dozen other things you could be doing instead of reading this right now.  The Six of Hearts will represent a half dozen benefits that you can get from each post.  We will finish the list next week.  Let's use eggs as a symbol for the since they are commonly sold by the dozen.

  1. Scrambled Eggs - If you are not making measurable progress toward something that you want, you may need to change the approach.  Break the core (yolk) that anchors your routine (whites).  Stir everything together, apply heat (deadlines), and continue to manipulate the mixture (plan) until it's golden (productive) with a fluffy texture (results).    

  2. Poached Eggs - When you take the plunge into unfamiliar territory, it may take some time to get acclimated to your surroundings.  When an egg is poached, it is submerged (without the shell) in warm water until the white is firm and the yolk is still soft.  Sometimes our first reaction to getting wet is to seek shelter and try to get dry.  The water is part of your process.  Stay in it until the return on your investment starts to materialize and your purpose starts to seep into everything that you do. 

  3. Eggs Used In Recipes - Many recipes use eggs as a binding agent. They join and hold the other ingredients together.  Develop and enhance that characteristic in order to solve problems and foster collaboration with and among others.       

  4. Fried Eggs - Flatten the competition with preparation, practice, and persistence.  Potential problems will bubble up periodically.  Use the lessons learned from previous successes to flip things in your favor. 

  5. Hard Boiled Eggs - If you have big plans for your future, you will probably need a good team to help you.  Look for people who respond to hot water (problems) with solutions while operating with a solid set of processes (shells), communication skills (yolks) and people skills (whites).
  6. Deviled Eggs - Sometimes you have to smash barriers that are in your way.  It is not always possible to remove or go around them.  However, don't automatically dispose of the rubble.  It may help to go through it and pick out remnants that may be useful to you.  Season your newly cleared path with signs and guard rails.  They will help you make the right turns and not veer off on unnecessary detours.  

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