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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nine of Spades

There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about the Supreme Court.  One of the Justices is retiring, so the President will have to nominate a new person to fill the vacant post.  You may recall from past years that there will be a confirmation hearing for Congress to question and eventually approve or reject the nominee.  It is a very significant event in our history when it happens because Supreme Court Justices serve for life.  Unless they decide to retire, they have a job until they die. They also have a lot of power since they preside over the highest court in the land. 
The Nine of Spades will represent your Supreme Court this week.  Instead of dealing with our national government and laws, let's take a look at the tenets of your personal constitution.  What principles or patterns govern your life?  Your Justices are not people, but the skills, characteristics, and actions that define you.  Some key skills that you might be judged on are communication, decision making, and time management.   Whether you are working on your job or relaxing with friends and family, what you say (or don't say) matters.  Most people also communicate through email and texting, so remember your words leave an impression in spoken and written form.  How many decisions do you make a day? There are probably too many to count.   Hopefully, most of them will be the right ones, but some of them may be wrong.  As long as you can explain the reasoning behind the decision, you will be able repeat the beneficial ones and modify the ones that didn't produce the desired results.  Time is a precious commodity.  There never seems to be enough of it.  When you treat it with the respect it deserves, it is an asset for you.  If you abuse time, it becomes a liability.  Be considerate of people's time and they will judge you favorably.

What are your most prominent characteristics?  Are you compassionate, creative, and friendly?  Do the words rude, immature, and impatient describe you better?  The tendencies that you display regularly are what others witness even when you are unaware of being observed.  They are inherent to your personality.  Most of us have a combination of the positive and negative traits.  Your Characteristic Justice will help you balance your behavior so that you present a more favorable and complete view of yourself.  When you exhibit the less than desirable aspects of your nature, file an appeal by apologizing and asking for a chance to show your other side.   

The Justice that is assigned to your Actions issues the verdicts, or consequences, for the things that you do.  Your ruling will be based on evidence, testimony and quality representation.  Conduct yourself with integrity and honor.  The result will be evidence that helps your case.  While your testimony is important, more weight is sometimes given to what others have to say.  You do not have control over what people will say about you.  However, you do control the image you project and what you let them see you do and hear you say.  Do not put yourself in situations where someone will be in a position to provide testimony that can harm you.  Finally, it is important to have a good attorney, or spokesperson.  When you have to deal with the legal system, the judges, lawyers, and other court professionals belong to the same club.  They know the rules, language, and techniques to succeed.  This is also applies to other areas of your life.  If you are operating in unfamiliar territory, make sure you have someone on your team who knows the environment and can guide you through the process.     

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