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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Five of Clubs

 Have you attended a wedding recently?  Who got married?  Was it a family member, co-worker, or friend?  What gift did you give the lucky couple?  I like to get something from the bridal registry so that I know it is something the couple will want.  The 5 piece place setting is often a popular choice.  It can be displayed and provide some insight into the couple's style (traditional vs. contemporary, casual vs. formal, etc.).  Typically, a 5 piece place setting consists of a dinner plate, salad plate, cup, saucer, and bread and butter plate (or bowl).  Each item is designated for a specific function.  The Five of Clubs will be symbolic of the dishes that you need to display the best representation of you.

The Cup - It is not as wide as the other items, but is has depth to hold warm liquids.   What you pour into or out of it makes an impression.  Your accessories are small and may be delicate, but they can make a big statement.  For ladies, pearls can add elegance to an outfit.  For men, the tie clip or cuff links might be the accents that set a suit apart from others.  They keep loose articles from flapping and distracting you from your purpose.  You may not have the physical items, but you can still display the attributes.  Are you familiar with the phrase "pearls of wisdom"?  Turn your cup up to receive wisdom and drink it for mental nourishment.  Use the wisdom to hold things together with style and grace. 
The Saucer - It catches any overflow from the cup and serves as a holder for it.  The saucer is a buffer that absorbs the heat from the cup.  It prevents stains and burns.  Scarves and neckties perform a similar role for your wardrobe.  They provide a splash of color, protect your windpipe, and lay over your chest.  A breath of fresh air is good thing.  Don't let anyone or anything choke, or block, your access to new ideas and opportunities.    

The Bread and Butter Plate - Bread is filling and serves as a perfect companion for other parts of the meal.  This dish holds the roll, slice, or pastry and the creamy topping to spread over it.   It can be compared to the perfect bag that is the right size, right color, and right style for you.  That is also a description for a best friend.  Hopefully, you have a go to person that looks out for your best interests.  Equally important, make sure you fulfill that role for someone.  The phrase "bread and butter" refers to something or someone that you can rely on to provide for you.

The Salad Plate - Leafy greens, colorful vegetables, and tasty dressing are a delicious combination to open the meal.  You may have a garden, Caesar, or some other type of salad before your entree arrives.  There are several varieties with different ingredients, but the common denominator is the frame, or base, of greens.  Prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are the accessories that use frames.  The lenses improve your vision or protect your eyes from the sun.  However, observers do not notice your lenses.  The frames draw their attention.  There are different shapes (round, square, pointed, etc.), sizes, materials, and colors.  One size does not fit all.  Another important frame is your frame of mind.  Select one that accents your personality, interests, and positive characteristics. 

The Dinner Plate - This is the dish for your entree.  It has more room and can hold the meat, vegetables, and garnish that make up the main course.  It reminds me of a belt or suspenders that you can adjust to help your pants fit your waist.  These items may not be seen, but their contribution to the overall appearance of your clothes is significant.  Likewise, the tough times that you survived may not be apparent to others, but they taught you lessons and techniques for overcoming adversity.  You can fit your strengths and experiences to any situation in order to tailor it to your benefit.

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