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Friday, September 10, 2010

Five of Spades

As we approach the end of the Summer and the beginning of Fall, we can sense the change of seasons.  There are the familiar signs of shorter days, cooler weather, changing leaves, and other indicators.  Which time of year do you prefer?  Do you like the sun and fun atmosphere of summer?  Or are the harvests and holiday gatherings of the fall more appealing to you?  You may appreciate both of them.  The Five of Spades will be symbolic of your five senses this week.  Let's examine how what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch impacts your ability to navigate through the different seasons in your life. 
Seeing - What tools do you use to help you see?  Your eyes perform the actual function, but there are instruments that can enhance their ability.  Microscopes and binoculars allow you to view objects in different ways.  You can enlarge them or bring them closer.  If you are experiencing a setback, even a small glimmer of hope can help if it is magnified.  Place alternatives under a comparison microscope to evaluate their pros and cons.  Sometimes your next move is not right in front of you.  You many need binoculars to examine what you may encounter further down the road.  Expand your horizon and look beyond your familiar environment.      
Hearing - When you listen attentively, you can often determine what is important by noting what is not being said.  You may be familiar with the phrase, "reading between the lines".  You can also "listen between the lines".  Pay attention to context, body language, voice inflections, and facial expressions.  These tags may fill in the blanks for you when you think something is missing.  Be sensitive to the sounds around you.  They often provide clues regarding what direction you should take.  When you hear ringing, check the identity of people who always have news or a message for you.  Screen your calls to separate distractions from contractions.   Distractions take your focus away from productive pursuits.  Contractions encourage you to push forward and find shorter routes to your destination.  

Smelling - Aromas serve as triggers for your other senses. When you smell something appetizing, your taste buds are stimulated and your mouth waters.  If the odor is not very pleasant, your eyes may close involuntarily as your nostrils shrink in reaction.  However, in order to clear the air you may have to handle whatever is causing the stink.  You might be able to wash it to achieve a fresher scent or you might have to remove it from your presence. The point is when something stinks, it needs to be addressed.  If you ignore it, the smell only gets worse.

Tasting - Your taste buds distinguish between five categories: salty (humor), sour (caution), sweet (compassion), bitter (disappointment), and savory (contentment).  These are unique flavors that provide balance when incorporated together in the right proportions.   Don't be afraid to sample new dishes that can broaden your palate.  Feed your appetite for discovery.

Touching -  When you make actual physical contact with something, you get an idea of the texture and stability of the object.  If you are touching something rough or hot, use gloves to protect your hands. This also applies when you find yourself in tense situations.  Limit your exposure to risk by covering your participation with focus on the solution rather than the problem. An item may need to be handled with care if it is fragile. Follow guidelines and use designated tools to assist you so that you don't break anything.  Patience and understanding are key traits for success. 

What sense have you used the most in recent weeks?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.          

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  1. This is the "BEST BLOG EVER". So much profound truth and aahhaa moments... SIGHT...lately I have been experiencing some small challenges with seeing small objects I've had to move the paper back and forth to get a generic magnified version of what I was trying to see. This morning as I was driving along in my car I looked at my daughter and I looked in her eyes and I discovered why I still call her my baby. No matter how old she gets its those eyes that have been looking at me to care for her since she was born and it's seeing those eyes that make me want to touch her, give her hugs and kisses and call her my baby. It’s a combination of all those senses that cause one to react but for me it's seeing the manifestation of a blessing maturing right before my very eyes.