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Friday, October 29, 2010

Four of Diamonds

Some of the most popular television shows and movies deal with superheroes.  There is a fascination with the idea of people being able to fly, have x-ray vision, and do other extraordinary things.  What super power would you like to have?  Actually, a better question might be what super power do you currently possess?  Before you say that you do not have any, it might help to clarify what qualifies.  The Four of Diamonds will be symbolic of the Fantastic Four this week.  You may be familiar with the group from the comic books or the blockbuster movies.  The individuals exhibited body stretching, invisibility, igniting into flames and flying, and turning to stone.  You are definitely capable of displaying these powers.

Stretching - While you may not be able to contort your body like Mr. Fantastic, you can definitely stretch your mind beyond self-imposed limitations.  You may have heard the phrase "think outside of the box".  It is commonly used to get people to draw on their creativity.  However, once you have "out of the box'" ideas, how do you implement them.  That is where mental stretching is needed.  Don't be afraid to be different.  Just because something has not been done before doesn't mean it cannot be done.

Invisibility - Sometimes there is an advantage to remaining behind the scenes.  You don't always have to be front and center to make a meaningful contribution.  Be wise enough to know when less is more.  While you cannot truly make yourself invisible, you can choose to shift the attention to the value that is added by others. An important part of leadership is setting the tone and trusting the team to execute the plan in your absence.   

Flames - When you are excited and passionate about something, it can consume you.  Just be careful that you manage the fire and enthusiasm so that they don't burn out of control.  You want the blaze to warm the room so that it is inviting for others who want to work with you.  Let them feel your excitement and commitment, but don't overwhelm them. 

Stone - There will always be people who disagree with you.  They may have different ideas and not know how to express them in a courteous manner.  This is where you need the stone exterior.  Do not take the criticism personally.  Remember that people can attack what you do and how you do it without attacking who you are.  A thick skin will also help you break through the walls of rejection, exhaustion, and other obstacles that you encounter on the way to achieving your goals.

You will need to rotate your super powers to fit appropriate situations.  The mental stretching and flames of enthusiasm will be needed on a regular basis.  However, be more selective about when you exhibit invisibility and stone attributes.  They are very effective when used in moderation, but are not right for every situation.  Leave a comment and share what super powers you have displayed this week.

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