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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three of Spades

Have you seen any of the popular 3-D movies this year?  When you put on the special glasses, there is the illusion of depth to the picture.  People and objects appear to be coming out of the screen so that you feel like a part of the action.  The three dimensions commonly referenced by the term 3-D are height, width, and depth.  This week the Three of Spades will represent how you can adjust those measurements to help you get the most out of your efforts.

Height = Distance
Are you a sprinter or marathon runner?  Do you do your best work in short, intense spurts?  Or are you better with a slower, long term approach?  Competitive athletes usually specialize in one form of racing.  However, it makes sense for you to have a balance between the two categories in order to reach the finish line for your goals.  If you have to complete a task in one week, you need to sprint to get it done.  It will help to set daily milestones to help you stay on track.  Focus on what and who puts you in the best position to move quickly and confidently.  If you have 6 months to finish an assignment, shift into marathon mode.  Your strategy will be more important than your speed. 

Width = Diversity
When you go to the dentist, you may be told to open wide.  The reason for this instruction is so that the dentist can use their tools to examine your entire mouth.  They must be able to view the top, bottom, front, and back teeth.  The gums and tongue are also examined.  They may even take x-rays to provide them with the big picture.  Use this same approach for assessing your support, or partnership options.  Expand your network of contacts to include a diverse group of people who can expose you to alternatives that may not occur to you.  This will allow you to customize your toolkit to handle a variety of situations.      

Depth = Determination
Do you remember the old Timex watch slogan, "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking"?  It was indicative of the product's durability and reliability.  In the commercials, you would see the watches being subjected to all kinds of pressure and abuse.  Each time the result would be continued performance of the product.   It's a wonderful trait to be able to keep going despite setbacks and stress.  It is not always easy to do.  Make sure that you maintain enough fuel (positive thinking) to keep you moving forward.  Have a supply of reading material that can refill your optimism tank when it runs low.  Recharge your batteries (routine) periodically to make sure your responsibilities and schedule complement one another.  Recognize when priorities change and make the necessary adjustments for your process and progress to keep working in your favor.  

You can go the distance when you are determined and diversified.  Take advantage of the 3-D opportunities that are presented to you.  You will make an impression that will be remembered for its special effects.  Leave a comment and share what you feel is your strongest dimension.


  1. Depth Determination is definitely my strongest dimension. I am pretty resilient. Once I make up in my mind what I want to do and map out my strategy, I do not let anything stop me. There are always obstacles on the path to success, but I am always determined to overcome each one. I have a wealth of positive reinforcements that keep me going.

  2. Depth = Determination best describes me. Where there's a will… there’s a way. Until reading this blog about the Timex, a classic I liken myself to the Energizer Bunny just keep going and going and going... This is the only way I know to make things happen. I am determined to be all that I'm purposed and destined to be so if you are in my way… just know I'm not responsible. “It's the CHARGE in me!” WMG...

  3. Depth-determination is one of my traits. I recently experienced a challenge where this dimension was required to continue as I always have. To know that others have survived in spite of the challenges placed in front of them only inspired me to do what I do best,to move forward and not let minor sets backs stop my progress. Always remembering from where my strength comes. Private Dancer