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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eight of Diamonds

What is your favorite shape?  I know that may seem like an odd question, but take a minute to think about it.  Most people have a favorite color, food, or vacation destination.  Shapes are representative of many common items.  The number 8 is composed of circles and resembles links found in a chain. Chain links connect to one another to form a solid unit.  The complete chain can be used for protection (fence), adornment (necklace), or support (tires).   The Eight of Diamonds will represent a champion chain for you this week.  Let's identify your winning links.
Ladders are tools that allow you to climb to new heights in order to obtain things that are ordinarily out of your reach.  As you step on each rung, you are exposed to new levels and points of view.  Your figurative ladder may be a person, experience, or challenge.  Pay attention to the positive impact of your encounters so that you will recognize your next link.

Insurance is something we typically have for our homes, autos, health, and lives.  We pay premiums so that we will be covered if there is a problem.  As you interact with others, the way that you treat them is symbolic of a premium payment.  If you strive to be a strong link in someone else's chain, they will usually reciprocate and do the same for you.

Needles are used for sewing and mending clothing.  There is a small hole at the top referred to as the eye.  It is the place where the thread is inserted.  The needle cannot function properly without thread.  The thread is what holds everything together. Patience, a steady hand, and attention to detail are needed to thread a needle. Those traits will also help you as you embark on new adventures.  Your figurative needle is your mind because it is the trigger for your creativity.  If you have an open mind, new ideas will be the thread, or link, that ties your dreams to your reality.  

Kettles hold hot water.  They are made to withstand high temperatures and sound the alarm when the water is ready.  When you are in trouble, or hot water, you need something or someone to serve as a buffer for the situation.  It is important for your chain to have a vocal link that maintains its strength and functionality under pressure.

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