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Friday, July 16, 2010

Seven of Spades

                                                  How do you label your days?  Most of us call them by the typical names of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  You may use other descriptions that reflect the agenda for the day.  For example, there may be a laundry day, spa day, or pay day.  Getting money and having a massage sound like more fun than washing clothes.  However, don't disregard the value of the normal days with ordinary tasks.  The Seven of Spades will represent the days of the week.  Let's examine how we can maximize each one of them for our benefit and progress.

Money - day
On this day, money will be symbolic of value.  We are not talking about actual dollars and cents.  Instead, the focus is on who/what adds value to your life and how you can add value to your relationships and assignments.   Consider the impact of your words, actions, and encounters.  If a situation improves as a result of your involvement, then you have added value. 

Toots - day
Don't be afraid to blow, or toot, your own horn.  It doesn't have to be done with arrogance or rudeness.  With grace and humility, you can share your skills, accomplishments, and philosophies with others.  On Toots-day, you want to remember the value you identified on Money-day. 

Wins - day
Some victories are easy to measure.  The person or team who scores the most points is the winner.  Other contests are more subjective.  Winning may be measured on a scale that you determine.  Sometimes you are your toughest opponent.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  Remember to identify your daily wins.  If you have an issue with punctuality, each time that you are not late is a win for you.  Find something to put in your win column everyday.

Thirst - day
When you watch television, do you notice all of the drink commercials that air?  There are sports drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, diet drinks, and many others.  We know that hydration is important for our bodies, but our minds also need liquid nourishment.  Ideas are like iced tea.  They need to brew for the right amount of time and be sweetened to taste.  A good plan that is launched too early and without the proper ingredients may not succeed.    

Friend - day
Your friends are a daily source of support, laughter, and possibility for you.  If you exhibit those same qualities for them,  bonds will be formed.  People will fill different roles in your friendship tree.  Some will be branches that help you climb to the top.  Others will be leaves that identify your characteristics and functions.  There will also be the ones who are the bark that protect you from harmful elements.  Each one has a purpose.  Appreciate them and don't take them for granted. 

Saddle - day
Saddles are used to ride horses.  They serve as the seat that is the buffer between you and the animal.  Where you sit has an effect on your point of view and contributes to how others perceive you.  Like the saddle, make sure that your seat is adjustable and portable.  Don't get so comfortable that you fail to recognize when it is time to move.  There will be another place for you to sit at the next stop on your route.

Suds - day
You probably see suds everyday.  Whether you are washing clothes, dishes, hair, or your body, there is lather involved.  It is the evidence that cleaning is taking place.  As you are working toward your goals, there will always be things going in the background that are not apparent to others.  However, at some point there should be a visible sign that something is happening.  Look for the suds when you are seeking an example to follow and generate them when it is your turn to serve as the role model.


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  1. Negative Forces BEWARE... Great example of ways to pull out the positive in any given situation and not get stagnate. "Good Stuff"