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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seven of Clubs

Is there something that your pursue with enthusiasm on a regular basis?  Are you skipping along and singing with glee on your way to work or school?  I hope that you are.  However, I know that it may be something unrelated to those destinations that makes you approach it with anticipation and excitement.  Maybe it is a hobby or dream that has you optimistic and hopeful.  I am reminded of the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  If you recall, these guys were happy and singing as they came home from the mines each day.  The Seven of Clubs this week will be symbolic of the dwarfs and their collective cheer.

Heigh-Ho    Heigh-Ho    Heigh-Ho    Heigh-Ho

One reason the fellows might have been so upbeat is that they had tools, pickaxes and lanterns.  They knew that they needed to use the correct equipment to help them make significant progress toward their deliverables.  It is important to break your big picture into smaller pieces in order to make it more manageable.  Do you have the proper things in your toolkit?  You may need a business plan, business cards, web site, mentor, or additional certifications.  When you are adequately prepared, you are more relaxed and able to execute your agenda effectively and efficiently.

The dwarfs may have also been happy because Snow White made them lunch each day.  Nothing can run on empty.  People, cars, and cell phones are just a few examples of things that need fuel, or power, to make them function.   We have mentioned a few items that you might need in your toolbox.  What should be in your lunchbox?  A balanced meal is important.  Make sure that you have some protein (energy), fiber (flexibility), fruits (contingency plan), and vegetables (clear purpose).  What you eat affects your ability to function at your highest level.  Digest details with your ears in order to identify gaps that your service or product can fill.  Taste problems with your tongue so that you can communicate potential solutions that will satisfy multiple stakeholders.  Your lunchbox should be insulated to protect the contents from fluctuating temperatures.  Surround yourself with people who deal with highs and lows in a productive manner that helps you to succeed.

Another way that Snow White helped the guys was by cleaning the house.   It's a great feeling when things have been taken care of and put in their proper place.  Dust off ideas and plans that you abandoned too early and give them another try.  Sometimes we spend so much time trying to come up with something new that we forget to review items that we already started.  Polish your current presentation to make sure it accurately reflects your message.  Update the resume, practice your skills, and seek constructive feedback from reliable sources.  Mop up spills in a timely fashion so that you don't slip and fall.  Acknowledge mistakes, but do not let them stop you.  Use a sponge to absorb the knowledge and experience you need to exceed expectations.

What tools, foods, and cleaning assignments will you use this week?  Leave a comment and share with others how the Seven of Clubs applies to you.

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