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Friday, August 13, 2010

Six of Spades

Have you taken your summer vacation yet?  I hope you have taken a break from work and your everyday routine for some fun and carefree activities.  Maybe you did something at the start of the summer, but want to end the season with a quick getaway.  Popular destinations include beaches, mountains, spas, and amusement parks.  Let's focus on the last category.  The Six of Spades will represent the Six Flags theme park this week.  There are multiple locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Do you have favorite rides or attractions?  You can count on seeing roller coasters, water rides, and concert spaces. 

What comes to mind when you think of roller coasters?  They are fast, have ups and downs, and people make a lot of noise on them.  Those same characteristics can be used to describe unexpected opportunities.  Sometimes they appear and go by so quickly that you will miss them if you aren't willing to take calculated risks.  Be aware that you won't always have a lot of time to determine the pros and cons of certain situations.  Any worthwhile experience will have peaks and valleys.  Remember that both extremes are temporary and something new is around the next bend.  You have probably heard the phrase "opportunity knocks".   If it is knocking, there is noise involved.  You hear something to alert you to the possibility of an open door.  When you encounter chaos, don't become so distracted that you miss the chance to make a noticeable impact.

Water rides can offer refreshing relief from the heat of the day.  They allow you to experience a brief splash that will alter your appearance and cause some momentary discomfort.  Once the ride ends, you are usually drenched with your hair and clothes plastered to your body.  While everything may dry out quickly, you have to walk around for a little while with wet shoes.  The sun dries everything eventually.  The same principle applies to encounters that you have with disagreeable people.  You may want to pull out your hair and scream at the top of your lungs.  Just as the sun literally dries up the effects from the water ride, humor can ease the tension caused by a frustrating interaction.  You can roar with laughter instead of yelling in anger. 

Concert spaces provide a stage for performers and seating or standing room for an audience.  While the pavilions are clearly labeled in a theme park, that is not always the case in your everyday life.  If you are not observant and able to adjust to change, you may miss the chance to display your talent.  Think outside of the box and be prepared to work your show at a moment's notice.  There are people who go to the amusement park only for the rides.  They have no interest in the live entertainment.  However, since they are already there, they decide to check it out and attend the show.  You may be surprised at who is in your audience.  If you are versatile, you will have a diverse following that will increase your exposure.  You may not be the main attraction, but you can still generate enough interest for encore requests. 

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  1. This inspires me to take a vacation now.