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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two of Spades

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed with the stress and chaos that is sometimes associated with the holiday season?  Don't get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that you forget to take time for yourself.  It is great when family and friends do nice things for you.  However, you can schedule your own rewards periodically to make you smile and focus on happy thoughts.  The Two of Spades will represent a pair of identical letters to give you some ideas.  You can eat some M&Ms getting some R&R (rest and relaxation) at a B&B (bed and breakfast). 

M&M - While the chocolate candies are quite tasty, the letters can also represent other ways to treat yourself.  How would you like a Manicure and Massage?  Doesn't that sound nice?  It is okay to be on the receiving end of pampering.  What about a nice Meal and Movie?  Enjoy your favorite foods and then escape for a few hours to the fantasy world of an entertaining film. 

R&R - What is the last book that you enjoyed?  Reading and Reclining are two activities that work well together.  When you curl up with a good book, it is your opportunity to take a break from the hectic activities that may be part of your normal routine.   The phrase Rinse and Repeat is used to describe the steps associated with washing hair.  However, you can apply the same philosophy to a nice soak in a bubble bath.  Put your favorite track on repeat on a CD or MP3 player, close your eyes, and enjoy the warmth of the water.

B&B - When the colors Black and Blue are used together, they are usually describing a bruise. You might also think of the colors of the sky at dusk and dawn.   As the sun goes down each evening and comes up each morning, choose the time that works for you to reflect, recharge, and regroup.  While you are striving to be among the Best and Brightest, remember to choose a path that allows you to Blossom and Benefit.

What M&M, R&R, and B&B have you done lately?


  1. I like this one. Meal and Massage is always a welcomed get away. Reading and responding to the blog helps to recharge my motivation. I need to add more time to my B&B time to recharge, reflect and regroup. It will be late evening. Thanks for the weekly inpirations...praise dancer

  2. All I have been saying for the last couple of days is I am not concerned about myself as long as everyone else is happy and have what they want, I'm okay. This week you have here again made me reflect, prepare to recharge and get ready to regroup. All are good because in the end I will blossom and benefit. Thank you! WMG...