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Friday, November 26, 2010

Three of Diamonds

Labels make it easier to identify things.  When you know what to call something, you have some insight into its purpose.  You can also get information regarding how to handle items from their labels.  For example, for clothes you can find out cleaning instructions.  Food containers may provide cooking or storage directions.  You have a label that describes you.  It is your name.  You may actually have three components to your name (first, middle, and last).  The Three of Diamonds will represent the symbolism of names this week.  Even if you do not have a middle name, you will still be able to identify with the discussion regarding the first and last names.

First Name - Unless you are a celebrity, you probably did not get to choose your name.  Someone else gave it to you for reasons significant to them.  Maybe you were named after a parent or other relative.  The name may have been chosen out of a book or just randomly selected because someone liked it.  Regardless of how it was assigned to you, it is yours now.  You own it and the actions, relationships, and signature attached to it.  You make a "name" for yourself by the things that you do.  When people mention your first name, do they do it with joy, pride, or dread?  Sometimes people know you by your name before they even meet you.  Make sure that things credited to your name are accurate.  Your first name may be the first impression that people get of you.

Middle Name - Your middle name is often represented by an initial.  Usually, only your family and closest friends know your middle name.  It is not common knowledge.   Of course, there are always exceptions.  In some regions of the country, people use their first and middle names together and celebrities may do it also.  Some people choose to use their middle name because they like it better than their first name.  But for most people, the middle name is a bridge between the first and the last.    It differentiates you from others who may share your name.  Jane Elizabeth Doe can be distinguished from Jane Renee Doe.  Let your unique characteristics, or hidden talents, emerge to show what is special about you.

Last Name - Your last name completes the identity formula.   It is often attached to your role, or occupation.  Dr. Black, Senator Green, and Detective White are the normal references for a physician, elected official, and police officer.  Teachers, coaches, and military personnel are other examples of jobs that utilize a person's last name when addressing them.  Your last name will be used to highlight the impact that you make.  It may be on a building, or monument, that is associated with something that you support.  For some of you, it may not be an actual brick and mortar structure.  Your last name may be attached to ideas, processes, and products that you develop.  Since you share the name with other family members and may pass it on to your children, it is important to focus on adding value to it.

Leave a comment and share the meaning of your name, http://www.meaning-of-names.com/.  You may also want to assign descriptive adjectives to your initials to create an alias.  For example, the initials T.T.P. may stand for Terrific Thoughtful Producer.  What do you want your initials to say about you?


  1. Gracious, Grace and a variant of Ann. I feel I uphold the meanings that represent my name, it also is an extension of my mom's name so for that I am thankful and will ensure I protect it and only attach it to the positive things. I like this one and the website you shared.

  2. Pam means honey and greek and short for pamela

    P- Prosper
    A- Amazing
    M- Mother

  3. It checking my First-Middle–Last names I discovered a wonderful connection. My first name means Prophet, the middle means a shining light, the last means tiller of the soil. I couldn’t help but draw the link between the tiller who stirs the soil to make it rich, the light that shines to inspire growth and the prophet nourishing the fruit with the nutrient packed word.

  4. Ruler of the Household! Somebody has got to do it! "Harriett"