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Friday, November 19, 2010

Three of Clubs

Have you taken any pictures lately?  Maybe you will pose for some photos over the holidays.  Hopefully, they will be clear and in focus.  Professional photographers often use a 3-legged stand called a tripod to hold the camera and keep it steady in order to get good shots.  You can also use a tripod to hold a camera with a timer so that you can take self portraits.  The Three of Clubs will represent your mental tripod this week.  The way that you view situations and experiences can impact how you recall and share them with others. Three common camera settings are panoramic (wide angle), zoom, and shutter speed.

The panoramic mode will enable you to see the big picture.  It is most effective when you need to see the background and surrounding environment of  the target, or end result.  The image can often be so grand that it is intimidating.  Remember that the horizon represents limitless possibilities.  You  have plenty of space to grow and try different approaches to develop the picture that you want to display.

The zoom functionality allows you to monitor your progress from a distance.  Sometimes when you are too close to the activities needed for a successful outcome, you can lose your objectivity.  It can be good to step away periodically to reassess what has been done, what is currently underway, and what the next steps should be.  You are able to get a preview of potential problems and recognize what decisions have produced positive results.

The shutter speed needs to be adjusted to accommodate the subject being recorded.  When you are dealing with information that is unfamiliar to you, keep the shutter (analysis) open longer to allow enough time for you to understand how to best use what you have learned.  If you are able to meet regularly with an advisor or expert in your field of interest, be prepared to receive the maximum benefit from the encounter.  Increase the frequency of the shutter operation (questions and responses) so that the other person feels you are paying attention and absorbing what they are sharing with you. 

Which setting have you used lately?  Is there one that may help you this week?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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