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Friday, November 12, 2010

Three of Hearts

This is the time of year that sports fans love.  There are so many games to watch and teams to follow.  It is that short period where multiple seasons overlap. Baseball has ended with the World Series while college and professional football are well underway.  Professional basketball and hockey are also getting started.  There are even some exhibition college basketball games being played.  Everywhere you look, there is competition.   This week the Three of Hearts will represent the Triathlon.  This is an event that consists of three races (swimming, cycling, and running).  You may not realize it, but you probably do these three activities on a regular basis. 

Swimming - There are times when you don't make a move because of indecision.  You are still evaluating scenarios and the associated risks and benefits.  That is understandable behavior.  However, there are other times when the decision has been made and you still don't move forward.  That is a different situation.  Sometimes you need to dive in and begin wading through the uncertainty and potential challenges.  Once you are in the water, use your best stroke (communication mechanism) to distribute your message to your intended audience. 

Cycling - The wheels on a bicycle are symbolic of a balanced routine.  They turn at the same rate in concert to keep the bike moving.  Your wheels are the time slots in your calendar, line entries on your budget, and items on your to do list.  There needs to be synchronization between your schedule, your money, and your completed tasks.  Don't leave things to chance.  The probability of something being done increases when there is time and money allocated to it.

Running - You don't need special equipment or a designated site to run.  It can be done spontaneously, but is more effective when there is training and practice done in advance.  If you can successfully run, or manage, your own agenda, you gain credibility.  Once you have established a working model, or framework for your leadership process, you can help others modify it to fit their needs.  It will also allow you recognize when there are gaps in examples that are set for others and identify what is needed to complete the picture.

What is your strongest event?  Are you a swimmer, cyclist, or runner?  Leave a comment and share your triathlete accomplishments.


  1. This week caused me to do an evaluation. Last week it was so easy to identify that just as the Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking we can get use to that and that is not always a good characteristic. Sure you can get things done but am I operating in a reactive state?
    Now I'm at a place where I have to ask myself is being a swimmer congruent with being determined… not moving or am I a runner that trains and prepares or is it wishful thinking that I am cycling… having balance? Not sure...Could it be that I am a combination of the three? Not sure. OMG…

  2. Running without the proper equipment requires much more energy and effort. I am now searching for training to equip me so I can stop spontaneously running and finish my race on schedule. Swimming is my strategy for my new challenge I've signed up for. I am jumping in and will allow God to use me to deliver his message to the intended audiences. dancer