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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ace of Clubs

It is so important to have a network, or support system, to depend on through the trials and triumphs that we encounter in life. This "fan club" may be made up of friends and family. Each member, including you, should contribute something positive to the group. Share your wisdom. Spread your good cheer. Practice patience and grant grace when others make mistakes.

The Ace of Clubs can be used to represent the team captain. Captain is not an assigned title or position in this case. It can apply to anyone who steps into the role temporarily to impact those around them. Deal the card to someone who has done a good job with a recent leadership task for the group. It doesn't have to be anything big or formal. Maybe someone always greets the others with a genuine smile that instantly lifts morale and lightens the atmosphere. Is there someone who is a good listener and consistently serves as a fair and objective sounding board? Let them know you recognize and appreciate their efforts.

The head of the group is often a parent, older sibling, or friend with an outgoing personality. Do not take them for granted. It is not easy to be the person who everyone else expects to have the answers. Leadership involves service. Teamwork requires participation. When you combine service with participation, the result is productivity. Deal the Ace of Clubs to acknowledge all those who give of themselves to benefit others.

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