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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

King of Spades

Kings are rulers. They reign on thrones and over territories. They have authority. People listen to them and carry out their decrees. Our card this week, the King of Spades, will focus on the knowledge required to fulfill the office. For a king, both who they know and what they know are significant. Those two distinctions are also important for the rest of us. They help to identify the kings in our lives.

Who do you trust to make decisions that will benefit you? What have they done to earn the title of king? What wisdom and experience have they shared to increase your knowledge? The answers to these questions will help you determine who gets the King of Spades.

The word "king" allows us to do some fun associations. For example, "thinking" can be broken down to "thin" + "king". When we hear the word "thin", we tend to think of something that is lean, or bare, and without a lot of covering (thin ice, thinning hair, etc.). However, it should not always have a negative connotation. Thin can convey the absence of layers that obscure the true essence of a things. Since we have already established that "king" means authority, or ruler, then "thinking" might equal ruling with truth. Other words that can be broken down include:

  • Parking = par + king = standard + decrees = governing according to high expectations
  • Cooking = coo + king = talk nicely + throne = benevolent leadership
  • Ticking = tic + king = involuntary movement + crown = changing priorities and alliances
  • Ranking = ran + king = moved + ruler = communicating policy and law
  • Winking = win + king = victory + authority = acceptance of power
Of course, these are not the actual definitions of any of these words. It is just a different way to show you how the word "king" plays such a big role in the English language. Deal the King of Spades to someone who has been a wise, benevolent, and significant authority figure for you. Remember, the focus is on knowledge so let them know what you have learned from them and how it has helped you.

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