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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ace of Diamonds

What do you think of when you hear the word "diamonds"? Some people may say they are a girl's best friend. Others might associate them with baseball fields. For our purposes, they will be a symbol of appreciation and admiration. The Ace of Diamonds can be used to communicate thanks, value, or honor. We may not be able to afford to buy diamonds for someone to express gratitude for treating us well. However, we can deal them the top card as a token of our feelings.

When we examine the quality of our relationships, it is important to note the ones that enrich and inspire us. Is there someone who can be counted on to make time for you when you need them? It would be nice to give them diamond watch to commemorate the value of their time. If the watch is not in your budget right now, deal them the Ace of Diamonds and let them know they are appreciated. Maybe someone deserves diamond earrings for being a good listener or a diamond pendant for always having your best interests at heart.
Let the Ace of Diamonds represent jewelry for the ladies or World Series tickets for the men. The important thing is to demonstrate the regard and respect you have for the role they play in your life. As you take the time to recognize the "gems" who constantly shine for you, remember to return the favor. Lend an ear, share a shoulder, or just be available when needed.

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