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Thursday, February 18, 2010

King of Diamonds

I think of the King of Diamonds as a locksmith. He presides over a mine which contains stones (keys) to help you open various doors in your life. Deal the card to a friend who may need encouragement to discover hidden treasures already in their possession. For example, someone may need a confidence key to face an upcoming challenge. The symbolic key will serve 3 purposes by allowing you to:

Keep the focus on the ultimate goal and away from distractions
Establish a plan to monitor progress and success
Yield to opportunities for growth and development

Each time you deal the card, it may be for a different situation. However, each key should adhere to the above characteristics and unlock, or remove, self-made obstacles. It is important to have a virtual ring for these keys so that you can reuse them when needed. Some of the standard, or master keys, might be for creativity, motivation, stress relief, and persistence. These are some of the common stumbling blocks that we encounter on a regular basis. Deal the King of Diamonds to your friends and family when you feel they need a gentle nudge to continue moving toward their goals with optimism and determination.
Remember, you are also allowed to use the keys for your own benefit. Your fabulous future is waiting on you.

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. This is so true and relevant. Keep them coming.AM