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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

King of Clubs

Is there someone whom you consider to be a kindred spirit? You may have the same odd sense of humor or share a common view of current events. There is an unspoken language that can be conveyed through eye contact. Often times, you have similar backgrounds and goals. This is usually a small group. It is not that you exclude people. It's just that not everyone meets the membership criteria. You will have other friends, interests, and relationships outside of the unit. However, there will be a unique bond between the people in this particular circle.

The King of Clubs can preside over your meetings. Deal the card when you want to share an inside joke. It can serve as an unofficial membership card. Possession of it entitles you to certain benefits and privileges. The crew decides what those perks will be. Keep it simple and fun. Free lunch, tasty treats, movie cards, and key chains might be easy tokens to exchange. You can even share these things with others who are not part of the group. Be nice and issue temporary 1-day passes from time to time. When they see how much fun you are having, it will inspire them to form their own club.

Laugh often and always count your blessings. Send the King of Clubs to show that you are a cheerleader for your friends and family. Include a personal message to let them know they are part of your inner circle and tell them the reason why. There is probably a point you can highlight that only they will understand.

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