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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Queen of Hearts

My grandmother was a quilter. She would take scraps of different cloths and put them together to make the most beautiful coverings. There was often a story behind each panel to explain why it was included in the quilt. The time and care it took to complete the finished product were reflected in the intricacy and detail of the display.

Think of the Queen of Hearts as a symbol for quilting. Deal the card when you want to blanket someone with comfort, color, or connection. Most of us are good at something. We have areas where we excel and operate with confidence and assurance. This is often referred to as our comfort zone. This phrase is used because there is no anxiety involved when we have to do anything associated with our strengths. However, in order for growth to occur, we have to try new things that are not as familiar to us. When a friend is in this situation, deal them the Queen of Hearts for a quilt of support and encouragement. Let them know that you believe in them and recognize the uncertainty attached to what they are doing.

Maybe someone is operating within their comfort zone, but doing so without being noticed. If you help to wrap them in a vibrant, colorful quilt, then their actions can be seen and valued by others. We are familiar with the line, "follow the yellow brick road", from The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was trying to return to her comfort zone of home. She was accompanied on the yellow brick road by knowledge (brains), compassion (heart), and boldness (courage). If you possess these traits, share them with a friend who may need help to shine in their comfort zone. Include a blue panel in their quilt to remind them that the sky is the limit.

The strength of the quilt, or Queen of Hearts, is determined by connections. You may not possess the comfort or color that your friend needs. If you can expand their network by introducing them to key people who can help them, it increases their exposure, opportunity, and support team. As you open doors for others, you multiply your potential for success. Deal a benevolent queen who rules with grace, wisdom, and purpose.

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